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If you would like to mail in an application for financing, you can download the form (PDF).

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By signing below, the undersigned individual as principal of and/or guarantor for the applicant, authorizes Utility Fleet Sales, its designee, assigns or potential assigns, to review his/her personal credit profile provided by national credit bureaus in considering this Application and for the purpose of the update, renewal, or extension of credit to the Applicant or the collection of any resultant accounts. By the execution of the lease agreement, I/We warrant that the information submitted herein is true and correct and hereby authorize that any bank, lending institution, supplier, person or consumer reporting agency should comply and furnish any information Lessor deems necessary in connection with this Application. It is understood that the security deposit is not refundable unless the application is rejected by Lessor. Further, I/We warrant it is understood that Lessor reserves the right to reverse any credit decision if the information contained herein is found to be incorrect, and I/We will indemnify Lessor for any and all costs incurred with this application for credit including any cost incurred in the placement or reservation of the intended leased equipment based on the information contained herein.

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