Verizon Recognizes Utility Fleet for Its Support of Superstorm Sandy Restoration Efforts

In late October 2012, Superstorm Sandy devastated portions of the United States with unprecedented force.  Cities, towns, beaches, and their residents suffered tremendous losses, and the country continues to be affected today.  Teaming with its global partners and suppliers, such as Utility Fleet Sales, Verizon has rapidly achieved tremendous progress in restoring many critical communications sites and services.  Wired service restoration, and upgrades to the Verizon network are ongoing, and are made possible by the efforts of the Verizon team, and utility construction equipment suppliers like Utility Fleet Sales.  In December, Utility Fleet received recognition from Verizon in Appreciation for its Hurricane Sandy Restoration Efforts.

Utility Fleet Sales is the premier provider of power line and communications construction equipment to companies that build and maintain the global utility infrastructure.  The company maintains one of the nation’s largest, on-site inventories of bucket trucks, digger derricks, pressure diggers, pole trailers, and reel trailers.  Having a large selection of the proper equipment on ground and ready for immediate delivery is critical, and is what made it possible for Utility Fleet to react quickly to Verizon’s equipment needs.

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About Utility Fleet

Utility Fleet is the preferred supplier of bucket trucks, digger derricks, and related equipment to the utility construction industry. It provides both new and remanufactured units, which are critical in the ongoing maintenance and construction of utility infrastructure worldwide. Utility Fleet’s best-in-class products and services allow it to quickly and effectively respond to the needs of its customers.
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