Terex Introduces Updates to Its General 80 Digger Derricks

Terex General 80 Digger Derrick

On October 1, 2013, the first day of ICUEE, Terex launched several new product designs/updates to its bucket truck and digger derrick lineup, including the enhanced General 80 digger derrick.  The enhancements, designed with customer needs in mind, help solidify Terex’s position as the leader in the digger derrick market.  The updates include increased lifting capacity, features for ease of maintenance, and enhancements to increase efficiency at the jobsite.  The updates will continue to promote the same look, feel and operation across the company’s entire, and extremely popular, digger derrick product line.

The updated General 80 offers greater lifting capacity at all boom angles and is designed with fewer hoses and a smaller collector block for improved accessibility and maintenance, while maintaining the same hydraulic control system as the rest of the Terex digger derrick product line.  The General 80 has a 79.9 ft. sheave height, a 26,000 lb. lift capacity, and a 36.4-ft. digging reach.

Other enhancements to the General 80 digger derrick include boom extension rollers for exceptional boom support, a digger hanger shaft that centers the un-stowed auger for even loading, a load moment limiter, a hydraulic tilt pole guide that interlocks to protect both the pole guide and boom from accidental damage, and a dual hydraulic cylinder trapezoidal design to stabilize the boom during digging and rotational operation. Standard features on the Terex General 80 digger derrick include 100 degrees of boom travel, dual lift cylinders, continuous unrestricted rotation and a custom zoned load chart.

Utility Fleet offers the high-quality products that customers are looking for, including Terex Commander and General digger derricks. We continue to provide our clients with the equipment solutions they need, when they need them.  Utility Fleet will continue adding Terex bucket trucks and digger derrick units to the company’s fleet monthly, which become immediately available to rental customers.

Click here to read the press release from Terex.

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